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Daily Yoga Class Open for All Level

Class Rates

  • Payment by cash, bank transfer or online

  • Wise/Paypal

  • Credit/debit card is not available

  • Reservation by whatsapp +62817279665

Regular Price 

  • Drop in 140.000 IDR

  • 3 Classes 330.000 IDR

  • 5 Classes 500.000 IDR

  • 10 Classes 900.000 IDR (valid for 1 month)

Indonesian / KTP Holder

  • Drop in 100.000 IDR

  • 3 Classes 270.000 IDR

  • 5 Classes 400.000 IDR

  • 10 Classes 600.000 IDR (valid for 1 month)

Private Class (90 minutes)

  • 1-2 person 750.000 IDR

  • Additional charge for more than 2 person 
    100.000 IDR per person

Class Guidelines

  • Free yoga mat & props are available in the studio

  • Bring your own towel

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before class

  • Children under 10 are not allowed in the class

  • No pets are allowed to bring to the studios except our lovely cat

Our Location

  • Soul Yoga is located in the middle of the rice paddies, the studio only could be reached by walk or scooter

  • If you take a car, please park your car near Moksa restaurants and take a walk about 10 minutes and enjoy the beautiful scenery around the studio 

  • Gojek and Grab scooter are available 

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before class started

Soul Yoga Class 

  • Our classes are open for different level practitioner

  • We provides quality yoga by offering small classes with personalised attention to meet the individual needs of all students.

Class Description

Hatha Yoga
Hatha yoga is practiced at a slower pace, with focus on the postures, breath, controlled movements, stretching, mindfulness and meditation. If you’re looking to become more flexible, hatha yoga can help, especially in the hamstrings and spine.  Hatha yoga can also help to improve flexibility, strengthen the body, improve balance and releasing stress.

Alignment Hatha
Hatha Yoga based on the Iyengar system. In this class, students will be introduced asanas with different variety with prop. There are also different themes every week such as forward bend, twist, hip opening, back bend, etc. Students also learn many alternate poses by props like walls, chairs, etc.

Hatha Flow
Hatha Flow is a slow version of Vinyasa. All the poses are arranged like in vinyasa sequence and students hold the poses for several breaths and connect to the body with alignment. 

Vinyasa is an approach to yoga in which you move from one pose directly into the next. It is a dynamic practice where you move through a flow of different yoga poses. This heart-pumping session may be a good addition to your cardio routine. ​Vinyasa is also a great way to improve your strength, muscle tone, and endurance.

Inside Flow

Based on vinyasa flow, Inside Flow links yoga poses with smooth and controlled transitions and is practised to the rhythm of the music. The speed of the music defines the speed of the breath, making this an intense breathing practice.

Stretch & Release 

Stretch & Release is gentle Hatha mix with yin yoga target specific muscle groups and focus on deep long stretches. This class will help people reduce tension in the body, open blockage, release stress, relax and recover. All the poses are sitting and laying down which are friendly for all level students 

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Sandi is a phenomenal, world-class yoga teacher. I was lucky enough to be in a yoga teacher training with Sandi in Bali in 2017, and I enjoy his Zoom sessions this year. He is well-trained in so many yoga modalities (iyengar/shtanga/vinyasa/yin) and it shows in his detailed and on-point cues. His adjustments and attention to each student are personalized and spot-on. Even in the virtual Zoom environment, he is able to focus on each student and help each person grow as a yogi. There is always a pose that I'm able to go deeper into or that clicks with me -- every time -- this is a sign of a great teacher. I've found this unique from other teachers on Zoom and it's just truly special. My practice has grown immensely with Sandi and I look forward to a sweaty, challenging class every time I practice with him. I highly recommend Sandi as a yoga teacher and mentor.

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